Ellepi is a series of accessories characterized by a unique recognizable detail: a slight notch on the corner of the pipe. This particular breaks the straight line of every accessory by highlighting the change of direction and emphasizing the fold. Finishes play an important role. This series, in addition to the chrome finishing, is available also in mat black.
  • Hook, Chrome
  • Toilet Roll Holder, Right, Chrome
  • Toiler Roll Holder with cover, Chrome
  • Liquid Soap Dispenser, wall-mounted, Chrome
  • Hook, ChromeCode: A44200
  • Toilet Roll Holder, Right, ChromeCode: A4425A
  • Toiler Roll Holder with cover, ChromeCode: A44260
  • Liquid Soap Dispenser, wall-mounted, ChromeCode: A44120
  • Ring Towel Holder, Chrome
  • Towel Rail, 300mm, Chrome
  • Towel Rail, 450mm, Chrome
  • Towel Rail, 600mm, Chrome
  • Ring Towel Holder, ChromeCode: A44160
  • Towel Rail, 300mm, Chrome300mmCode: A4418A
  • Towel Rail, 450mm, Chrome450mmCode: A4418B
  • Towel Rail, 600mm, Chrome600mmCode: A4418C
  • Tumbler, wall-mounted, Chrome
  • Soap Dish, wall-mounted, Chrome
  • Tumbler, wall-mounted, ChromeCode: A44100
  • Soap Dish, wall-mounted, ChromeCode: A44110
  • Bathroom Accessories