The colours, the shapes, the design – LULU is part of a current that reaches far beyond the bathroom. Basic geometric shapes such as cubes and cylinders, clear and simple, sometimes rounded. Everything is carefree and candid, fresh and emotional. Design can be inaccessible. LULU’s the very opposite. The interplay of smooth surfaces and soft radii transforms LULU into an object of comfortable elegance: soft, clear-cut and slender all at once. Designed by Sieger Design.
  • Slide Shower
  • Wall elbow
  • Rainshower with wall arm
  • Rainshower with ceiling arm
  • Slide ShowerCode: D26403710
  • Wall elbowCode: D28450710
  • Rainshower with wall arm300 X 240 mmCode: D28785710
  • Rainshower with ceiling arm300 X 240 mmCode: D28795710
  • Tapware
  • Showers