Marblo are proud to announce the new & exciting range of moulded designer Mojo baths. The creation of renowned Australian designer Jo Irwin, the baths have been introduced to complement the existing range of Mojo wash basins. Built for everyday use the Mojo range of baths feature a wide ledge at both ends which doubles as both a comfortable place to sit, rest your head or simply as a practical ledge for your book. Low entry points allow for an effortless transition in & out of the bath so you can start and end your bathing experience in relaxation. Unlike ceramic and metal baths, the Marblo material is warm to touch and has a softer almost silky feel, and all designs are available in a matte finish.
  • Ellipse bath 1650
  • Oval bath 1500
  • Oval bath 1650
  • Oval bath 1800
  • Ellipse bath 16501650 x 825 x 560 mmCode: MJEB1650
  • Oval bath 15001500 x 750 x 570 mmCode: MJOB1500
  • Oval bath 16501650 x 825 x 570 mmCode: MJOB1650
  • Oval bath 18001800 x 900 x 550 mmCode: MJOB1800
  • Rectangular bath 1500
  • Rectangle bath 1650
  • Rectangular bath 1800
  • Rectangular bath 15001504 x 753 x 570 mmCode: MJRB1500
  • Rectangle bath 16501650 x 830 x 560 mmCode: MJRB1650
  • Rectangular bath 18001810 x 805 x 554 mmCode: MJRB1800
  • Solid Surface baths