• Showerhead ABS round
  • Showerhead ABS square
  • Showerhead brass chrome round
  • Showerhead brass chrome square
  • Showerhead ABS roundShowers200 mm diameterCode: 50CR759R200
  • Showerhead ABS squareShowers200 x 200 mmCode: 50CR759SQ200
  • Showerhead brass chrome roundShowers300 mm diameterCode: 50CR759R300
  • Showerhead brass chrome squareShowers300 x 300 mmCode: 50CR759SQ300
  • Wall mounted round arm
  • Round flat shower
  • Round flat shower
  • Square flat shower
  • Wall mounted round arm Showers400 mm longCode: 50CR745
  • Round flat showerShowers250 mm diameterCode: 50CR759UFR250
  • Round flat showerShowers300 mm diameterCode: 50CR759UFR300
  • Square flat showerShowers250 x 250 mmCode: 50CR759UFSQ250
  • Square flat shower
  • Wall mounted round arm
  • Wall mounted square arm
  • Ceiling mounted arm
  • Square flat showerShowers300 x 300 mmCode: 50CR759UFSQ300
  • Wall mounted round arm Showers300 mm longCode: 50CR745R
  • Wall mounted square armShowers400 mm longCode: 50CR745SQ
  • Ceiling mounted armShowers200 mm longCode: 50CR744
  • Shower rose with arm
  • Shower rose with armShowers207 x 207 mmCode: 86CR750
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